The Future of the Democratic Party

Across our state, across our nation, Democrats continue to seek answers to important questions:

How did Trump win?

What happened to the HRC campaign?

Where does the Democratic Party go from here?


MCDP Chair David Betras' take on these critical issues has been a topic of print and electronic media reports since the day after the election. Most of the stories focus on the "Blue Collar Memo" he drafted and submitted to the Ohio Democratic Party and the Clinton campaign in May 2016. Many people have asked to see the memo. We've posted it below. Simply click on the icon to view/download/print it. We're also posting links to a number of the stories focused on the memo which many experts call brilliantly prescient:

Washington Post

NPR's All Things Considered


Toledo Blade

Mother Jones

Moyers & Company

One important note: both the ODP and the HRC campaign ignored the advice contained in the document.

Call Congress

From the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, to the rollback of regulations that protect everything from consumers to the environment, to attacks on immigrants, to ties to the Russian government, Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans are undermining America. If you believe they're on the wrong path, click the button to call Congres and express your opinion on the issues.

Right to Work (For Less)

Some people just don't know when to quit. Republicans in the Ohio General Assembly fall into that category when it comes to right to work (for less) legislation. Despite suffering an overwhelming defeat when they attempted to erode collective bargaining in SB 5, the GOP is back again. One bill, HB 53  targets public employees including teachers and first responders. A second piece of legislation aimed at private sector unions will be introduced soon.  You can read about HB 53 here,  then click on the button to send a message to legislators that RTW is dead wrong for Ohio.

Reverse Citizens United

In his last election, special interests spent more than $40 million against Sherrod Brown. He was the target of so much ad spending, the press started calling him the “Hunted Democrat.”

Ever since Citizens United, money from special interest groups has flooded our elections. They’re using that money to drown out the voices of American families and get corporate allies elected to Congress.

We have to stop the damage that all of this money is doing to our democracy.  To add your name and demand that Congress reverse Citizens United click here.

Another bad Kasich budget

We'll give him points for consistency if nothing else. Ever since he took office six years ago, Gov. John Kasich has used the state budget to reward his rich Wall Street buddies with steep tax cuts. To pay for them Kasich has increased taxes on working and poor families, starved public education, and slashed funding that helps local government provide essential services to kids, veterans, and seniors and keep our neighborhoods safe.

Our legislative delegation, State Senator Joe Schiavoni, 58th District State Rep. Michele Lepore-Hagan and 59th District State Rep. John Boccieri are leading the fight against Kasich’s and for working families. As the budget makes its way through the General Assembly, they’ll be calling on us for support. Visit the MCDP website often for more info on this extremely important issue.

Click on the image to see how Kasich has shifted the tax burden onto Ohio's poorest citizens